Lemelson-MIT reads Abby Invents

Join Dr. Pascha and kids at MIT as they read Abby Invents in Lemelson-MIT's Full STEAM Ahead program in Summer 2020.


 "The stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves are important. They define not just who we are, but what we could be. What Abby does is to provide a whole new narrative for a generation of young inventors as a model for who they are and who they could be. They too can be problem solvers, inventors and change makers. Using Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons as a foundational text in the classroom provides a framework for young students to understand the invention cycle as they follow along with Abby's identification of a problem, research, trial and error period, creation, testing and finally patenting her invention while inspiring them to take up the mantle of inventing themselves!" ~ Ms Nia Gipson, Lemelson-MIT

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