About Us

In French Creole, “timoun” (tea-MOON) means child

We are on a mission to inspire kid inventors, everywhere!

We create storybooks with multicultural characters who invent things kids wish existed – like unbreakable crayons and more. Our stories are so believable that we frequently get asked, “Is this a real invention?”

Abby Invents 

Representation matters.

Future Inventors who read our stories SEE themselves as inventors while experiencing the magic of inventing. With each read, they affirm that they can become patented inventors, too!


Timouns is closing the gender and race gap in innovation.

Globally, only 12.7% of patented inventors are women. Similarly, a 2010 study showed that between 1990 to 1999, Black inventors were granted only 4.5 out of 278 patents per million people for all U.S. inventors. These results were consistent with a 2018 study, focused on New York City kids, who grew up to become inventors between 1996 to 2014. Of 1000 NYC kids, Hispanics (0.2), Blacks (0.5), Whites (1.6) and Asian (3.3) became inventors.

If we don’t do anything, these disparities are going to widen. The team of changemakers at Timouns is committed to improve these statistics. Our Future Inventors are going to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. That’s why we build their confidence through stories, play and hands-on science. Invent with us. Let’s invent everything, the kids’ way!


Meet Our Founder

Dr. Arlyne Simon is the founder & CEO of Timouns. A biomedical engineer, patented inventor and author, Arlyne was recognized as a trailblazing female innovator by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. As an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, she is nationally recognized as a STEM role model for girls. Arlyne is a graduate of Georgia Tech and the University of Michigan. Follow Arlyne on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.